Sunday, December 26, 2010

System Tool 2011

I understand that people can become greedy, money-grubbing beasts who will do whatever it takes to acquire more and more money, but I do not understand the sick, twisted minds of virus-creators. If the Bible had been written in the 21st century, I feel like one of the 7 things the Lord hates (Proverbs 6) would have been "hands that create computer viruses."

Currently I am up at 1:44am the Sunday morning after Christmas because I am desperately trying to rid my laptop of the System Tool 2011 virus. I am both angry beyond measure at the money-greedy jerks that created the virus just to get people to buy their product, and petrified that my laptop is forever ruined. Since Malwarebytes hasn't worked on my laptop since summer, all of the Google advice telling me to use it is completely useless. I tried the safe mode thing and now I'm checking to see how that did...
(1:47am) so far so good, but I'm still nervous enough to pee my (pajama) pants.
(1:50am) I'm now running my virus scan things that'll take an hour or so, so I'll leave it for the night.

In my opinion, people who write and then propagate viruses are scum. I don't care who you are. If, for example, I was to find out a friend of mine wrote viruses and spread them on the internet, I would stop associating with the person. It takes a twisted sort of mind to ruin people's day (week, year, etc) like that. Viruses can even ruin lives, cause people to lose jobs, push a person over the edge into a nervous breakdown (all I can say is good thing this happened right after Christmas instead of during Dead Week or Finals Week at school). It is serious stuff and any person that willingly participates in it should be beyond ashamed of themselves. (1:55am)

[/rant](2:05am) ...took me 10 minutes to transfer this from paper to my blog? That's rather slow.

[for the record, I have no idea how I got the virus. I was just shutting a tab for Youtube when the alert suddenly popped up, and I was like "What the hey? I never downloaded this spyware program before. Where'd it come from?" So then I googled it, and found out it was a virus... meh](2:06am)

*edit* I just realized my blog clock and my computer clock are at odds with each other.


  1. ... *sigh* didn't think about it.

    Now that you've mentioned it though, next time I get a scary virus on my computer, I'm calling you lol