Saturday, May 8, 2010

Christian Music

Last night at Bible Study my mom taught on compromise, with a special focus on Christian music. This led me to bring up the point about how a lot of my Christian friends will say they don’t listen to Christian music often, because it gets boring listening to the same thing over and over again. By this they mean it gets boring listening to songs about God over and over again? That always seemed silly to me, since there really isn’t anything else Christian artists can sing about. They’re Christians; they’re going to sing about God. After all, our purpose in life is to praise Him.

Anyways, mom brought up the point that there are 24 elders singing to God in heaven day and night without ceasing(Revelation 4:10-12), and that when we get to heaven all we are going to do is sing praises to God. And then that got me wondering, these friends who find Christian music boring with a constant theme on God, are they going to get bored when in heaven? After all, all the music in heaven is going to be strictly about God; about His holiness, His mercy, His gloriousness, how magnificent He is, etc. If Christian music is boring now, how much more boring will it be in heaven?

Of course, once in heaven we won’t be able to be bored. We will be too overwhelmed by the presence of God to be bored, too wrapped up in the wonder of Him to be bored. So, if we won’t get bored singing songs of praise to God for eternity in heaven, it would stand to reason that a body could suffer the boredom songs about God induce here on earth.

The way mom put it was that if people can train themselves to like pain (which she coupled with a “that’s sick”), then they can train themselves to like music about God. After all, liking music about God is infinitely better than liking pain, and should be an easier task. Singing songs of praise to God shouldn’t be boring to Christians. Ever. If it is boring to Christians, they need to start praying.

I will be the first to admit that a lot of contemporary Christian music is annoying and can get old pretty fast, but that’s because the music is more about humans than it is about God. It’s all about what God does for us and how God will accept Christians just the way they are (which is a horrible attitude, mind you. Once saved, God should not have to keep catering to your sinful lifestyle and “accept you the way you are.” Once saved, you know better) and all that mumbo-jumbo. But songs that actually worship and praise God shouldn’t be boring, in general. While I realize everyone has a personal taste, there are plenty of different Christian artists out there who worship and praise God in different genres. Leeland compared to the Gaither Vocal Band, for example. Both center their worship around worshipping God, but they do so in very different styles.

Personally, I tend to get tired of secular music much faster than I do Godly music. I can only listen to songs about worldly stuff for so long before it gets dull.

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  1. Hehehe. I was about to go on a spiel about how so much Christian music is easy to get tired of because it's not really about God, and sound exactly like each other, and then I got to the last paragraph.

    When I listen to secular music (and often I either listen exclusively to secular music or Christian music for periods, rarely a mixture) and then I go back to listening to Christian music, I find that I am refreshed by the Christian music. The good stuff, you know. It gives me a peace that I don't get listening to secular music, for obvious reasons.
    Secular music often expresses the anger and sadness and problems I'm having, but Christian music gives me an answer to all the problems, and something to give my attention to that isn't me.