Thursday, July 19, 2012

Well hello, Oops

So that idea I had a little over a year ago to write at least one new blog post a month hasn't really held up this year. I'd like to claim it was because I have simply been too busy to come on here. Truth be told, I simply haven't been inspired. This past (and final!) semester of Uni, I took a creative writing class, and I found that my focus shifted from blogging to trying to squeeze out decent short stories for that class. I think I did quite well on that front. As a result, however, in the writing arena, I've become consumed with searching for magazines to get my stories published in, and consequently becoming drawn into the short fiction world online, reading more than I write. There is quite a bevy of fantasy fiction to be read online, and the creativity of people's minds astounds me!

In any case, hello Oopsblog. Hello people that stumble across this blog in search of something else, something perhaps more educational (if I am to understand that most people stumble across this blog in search of a definition of biocentric equality. What exactly is the obsession?). I have not abandoned this blog. I have simply been busy doing...nothing of consequence really. One can only hope that I'll have something of interest to post in the near future. Maybe a rant about Law school/annoying comments people make when the realize you intend to go to Law School (No, I will not represent you in court if you get in trouble with the law. Your comment is not witty, and everyone before you has said the exact same thing).

Have a good summer (winter for those below the belt). Enjoy the rain, my fellow Floridians.

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