Sunday, November 27, 2011


If the point of NaNo is to write 50K words on a new story in 1 month, then I have now reached that goal. If the point of NaNo is to write an entire novel in 1 month, I am pretty sure that is not going to happen. I thought the purpose was to simply write 50K, but all the little emails they send us with the "pep talks" to encourage us to finish the 50K keep saying "finish a novel," "finish a novel," "finish a novel."

Dude. Last I checked, a decent novel is definitely longer than 50K words (especially fantasy novels), and I most certainly am not going to be writing 75K words or more in less than 30 days. These pep talk people need to get their lingo straight, because I'm starting to feel like a failure.

Also, my Word is weird, because it counts quotation marks as words. This means I need to write a couple thousand over 50K just to be on the safe side with my word count. Stupid Word.

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