Sunday, May 15, 2011

What "pro-life" really means

I intend to write a blog right after this one about how being pro-life does not mean a person stops caring about the baby once it is born, but before I make that blog post, I feel like I should define what “pro-life” means to me.

“Pro-life” is a political term that has no meaning if ones takes it out of the specific political context created for it to exist in. That specific political context is the issue of abortion. The term was never created to be used in application to any other political issue (war, welfare, medical care, etc), and so any use of the term in application to political issues other than abortion is a misapplication of the term.

Specifically, "pro-life" does not mean “a right to live an eternal and healthy life.” It does not mean “a right to never be killed.” It does not even mean “right to life.” Pro-life is basically just an emotional term that was created to mean “anti-abortion.” That is it. Nothing more, and nothing less. When someone says “I am pro-life” all they are saying is “I do not support abortion.”

Sure, the pro-life movement could have labeled themselves the “anti-abortion” movement, but we must all admit that “pro-life” simply sounds better. Politics is a tricky and sneaky business. Loaded, emotional language is the name of the game. A clinical term like “anti-abortion” does nobody any favors in trying to win over sympathy votes. It simply sounds better for someone to say “I’m pro-life,” because then it sounds like you are implying anyone that is not part of the pro-life movement is “anti-life.”

Don’t be fooled. The person that came up with the term “pro-life” was thinking about all of the implications of the term, and how it could be used to smear anyone that was not part of the pro-life movement. It is for this very reason that the “pro-abortion” movement is called the “pro-choice” movement. By calling it the “pro-choice” movement, pro-choice supporters are implying that anyone that is not part of the pro-choice movement is “anti-choice.” Loaded, emotional language.

So, now we are clear that all “pro-life” means is that a person is anti-abortion. Nothing more, and nothing less. Being pro-life does not imply a person wants people to live long and healthy lives, does not want people to ever be killed, etc. All it means is that a person does not support abortion.

And now you can go read my next thread on abortion.

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