Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Okay, really with the shorts jumpsuits fashion? Who on earth decided that would look fashionable or good on anyone? It is completely unflattering to the female body with its odd proportions with the waist belted in and then the bottom turning into shorts that cut the legs off in an odd way. It's an odd design where the shorts chop the body into ugly blobs, exaggerating one's flat bottom or large bottom, making them look either bulbously big or boyishly flat.

Of course, the colors of the jumpsuit tend to be bland grays, blacks, greens, etc. Perhaps this is to keep them from being confused with traditional jumpsuits in red and orange hues? Make them orange or red and people may be inclined to think that the girls wearing the odd jumpsuits are escaped convicts who decided to try and turn their jumpsuits into something fashionable (failing miserably, of course).

It seems like the jumpsuits are a failed attempt at trying to make over-alls fashionable (Personally, I'd slip on an overall any day before I tried on the odd jumpsuits).

The moral of this rant: fashion is a silly world, and it's better to just wear what you like, because odds are you look better in whatever you have on than you ever would in these currently-popular jumpsuits.

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