Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, don't I sound smart?

Have you ever noticed that there are thousands of quaint little quotes out there that sound smart on the surface, but once you take the time to really dissect them they are full of holes? And I'm not talking Chinese fortune cookies quotes(although, those are fun to read), but popular quotes that everyone knows and likes to share with their friends. And then friends are so quick to agree with the quote because it sounds so smart, even though it is rather flawed.

People are like "Well, don't I sound smart for quoting this ridiculous quote?" No. Not really. You don't sound smart. You sound like a parrot spewing out every fancy quote you hear without stopping to think about what you are saying.

My least favorite of such quotes is "Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon." First of all "The sky's the limit" is supposed to be an encouraging quote. Why would someone need to try and improve on "the sky's the limit" when "the sky's the limit" is already telling you that you can do anything? So, "the sky is the limit" means "you have endless possibilities" and "there are footprints on the moon" means "you can do anything." What is being said then is "don't tell me I have endless possibilities, when I know that I can do anything." That makes no sense! And people actually like that quote?

Next time you want to sound smart by quoting a quotable quote (heh heh) maybe you should think about what the quote you are quoting (ahaha) actually means.


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